What is the point

What is the point of living
when you’re only half alive?
what is the point of caution
when you have nowhere left to hide

take my hand, guide me
hold me close, console me
pull me tight, save me
bring me back in, fix me

How much more can this broken
shatter completely?
Until I pick up the pieces
of bone and sand, dry and empty

Where is the end
when there is nowhere left to go
What’s the point of living
if there is no hope that I know


I’m still alive, though barely breathing

Im still alive
though barely breathing
looked down at my hands
found my palms bleeding

This morning I woke
to a day of uncertainty
took more that a few minutes
to get myself ready

Had to convince myself
to face the day
and walk out the door
needed to be on my way

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I was wandering around aimless

I was wandering around aimless
losing my will to be
I took a step back to find meaning
the path to being free

They asked me why
I needed to come up with reasons
had to pretend I was fine
Just moving along with the seasons

There was often too much
in each and every day
But I have to fake it
Careful with what I say

But often, no matter how I avoid it
Without them even knowing
They pull the trigger
and their bullets come flying

I am tired and breathless
Not knowing where to go
I just can’t find myself
How am I supposed to know?